Invoicing information

Please check from your contact person at E2 Research if the invoice is to be sent to Edistysmielisen tutkimuksen yhdistys ry or E2 Tutkimus Oy. We primarily receive electronic invoices. The invoice reference should always include the name of your contact at E2 Tutkimus.

1. Electronic invoices

Name Business ID (Y-tunnus) E-invoice address *) E-invoice operator ID E-invoice operator
Edistysmielisen tutkimuksen yhdistys ry 2058184-2 003720581842 003721291126 Maventa
E2 Tutkimus Oy 3331730-3 003733317303 003721291126 Maventa

*) when sending invoices through your banking network, please use the e-invoice operator ID DABAFIHH

2. Sending invoices to the scanning services via email

Email invoices are to be sent in a PDF format, with each invoice as its own file. Possible attachments are to be in the same file as the invoice. Please name each file separately, without the use of special characters.

Name: Edistysmielisen tutkimuksen yhdistys ry
Address for the email invoice: 20581842@scan.netvisor.fi

Name: E2 Tutkimus Oy
Address for the email invoice: 33317303@scan.netvisor.fi

3. Sending invoices to the scanning services via pos

Paper invoices can be sent by post to the address stated below. Invoices are to be sent without staples. Please only send invoices to this address, as other materials (e.g. receipts, business gifts, credit cards and entrance tickets) will not reach their intended recipient this way. We do not receive paper invoices at the visiting address of the E2 Tutkimus office.

Name: Edistysmielisen tutkimuksen yhdistys ry   

Invoicing address:

Edistysmielisen tutkimuksen yhdistys ry
PL 100

Name: E2 Tutkimus Oy

Invoicing address:

E2 Tutkimus Oy
PL 100