Aino Heikkilä

Aino Heikkilä

Development Manager, Master of Social Sciences

Ethnography and interdisciplinary methods, social and cultural diversity, pluralism, project management

+358 44 3028 727 aino.heikkila@e2.fi
  • Project management
  • Staff matters
  • Grant applications
  • Stakeholder relationships
  • Tendering and procurement of services

Aino Heikkilä is the Head of Administration at E2 Research. She is responsible for internal support services and staff matters. She began working at E2 Research in the fall of 2017 as a university intern in the final phase of her master’s studies. After graduation, Heikkilä transferred to the position of research coordinator. She developed support services for administration, communication and publishing processes while being actively involved in research projects.

In 2021, curiosity and a desire to learn set Heikkilä on a new path. As the Head of Administration, she utilizes her ability to listen and combine different perspectives and develop E2 Research’s administrative services open-mindedly to meet the needs of a growing, multidisciplinary research institute. Once internal services are firmly in place, researchers and experts can focus on their work.





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