Kaisa Karttunen

Kaisa Karttunen

Programme Director, Doctor of Science (PhD) in Agricultural Economics

The food system, food security, sustainable development, popularization of science

+358 40 7018 129 kaisa.karttunen@e2.fi
  • Research on the food system, food security and climate change and popularizing science
  • Contacts and networks with industry players in Finland and internationally
  • Interaction between different actors
  • Media liaison, expert lectures and articles
  • Mentoring junior experts

Kaisa Karttunen is the programme director at E2 Research. She has extensive experience working in international organizations, several developing countries, as well as at domestic companies, government, and NGOs.  Her tasks have ranged from project planning, implementation, and evaluation to the design of broad strategies and programs.

Karttunen's years at E2 Research have included active participation in the public debate about food and the future of food. Providing and communicating information in a form that serves different audiences is central to her work. An international dimension is also an integral part of her work. This is particularly evident e.g. in her cooperation with several UN organizations and extensive networks around the world.

Through E2 Research, I can do work that is relevant to myself and hopefully also to the whole of Finland and the world.


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