Atte Penttilä

Atte Penttilä

Expert, Master of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, PhD Candidate

Qualitative research, food systems, environmental effects, inequalities

+358401675969 atte.penttila@e2.fi
  • Multidisciplinary food systems and environmental research expert with international training and work experience.

Atte is interested in the interdependencies of food and the environment, especially the sociocultural aspects. He has done research on the political ecology of banana farming in Belize, on actions taken during the pandemic in guaranteeing food aid and on climate change perceptions in Florida. At E2 Atte is part of a team focusing on food systems and food security.

Before moving to the world of research, Atte worked in the field of development in Ethiopia and Finland. Currently, Atte is finishing up his applied cultural anthropology PhD to the University of South Florida on pandemic responses of development actors and farmer organizations.

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