Marjatta Selänniemi

Marjatta Selänniemi

Senior Expert, Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry

Food and development issues, public affairs and supporting organizational change processes

+358 50 3651 481 marjatta.selanniemi@e2.fi
  • Expert consultation on food production, food security and sustainable development
  • Public affairs, popularization of science, assessment of policy effectiveness
  • Expert lectures, articles, facilitation
  • Training and evaluation related to project and program work
  • Supporting organizations in strategic planning and project work development

Marjatta Selänniemi is a senior specialist at E2 Research. She specializes in food security, food production and sustainable development issues. Prior to joining E2 Research, Selänniemi worked in international positions at the FAO, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the ICRAF and at a consulting firm, where she was responsible for implementing large-scale programs to support rural livelihoods and food security in developing countries.

In the Finnish food sector, Selänniemi has worked as a livestock agronomist for ProAgria. At the beginning of her career, she also worked for several years as a spokesperson for a fodder company and as an editor of a customer magazine. These first jobs taught Selänniemi the importance of clear, fact-based communication and developed her passion for it. These skills she still utilizes in her work at E2 Research. 



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