Jenni Simonen

Jenni Simonen

Director, Doctor of Social Sciences

Qualitative research, youth and generations research

+358 50 3465021 jenni.simonen@e2.fi
  • Director of the Phenomena, People and Society research program
  • Design and implementation of research projects
  • Research funding calls and building partnerships

Jenni Simonen is the programme director of the Phenomena, People and Society research program. She has 15 years of experience in academic and public sector research. She has carried out numerous research projects, led projects and published a large number of scientific articles as well as articles popularizing science. She specializes in qualitative research and has a solid knowledge of qualitative methods.

Prior to E2 Research, Simonen worked at the Finnish institute for health and welfare, first as a researcher and since 2013 as a senior researcher. She has worked on research projects funded by the Academy of Finland, which combine qualitative and quantitative methods. She has also conducted public sector research for decision-making needs and participated in several expert working groups. She has extensive experience in applying for research funding.

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