Smoother Everyday Life, the Better Quality of Life

Duration: 2020-2021 <br>
Authors: Kaisa Karttunen, Anni Savikurki, Marjatta Selänniemi <br> <br>
Partners: Pellervo Economic Research PTT, Village Action Association of Finland
Funding: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland / Makera

The SAPE research project assesses the state of sustainable development in rural areas in Finland. The work is based on the global (Agenda 2030) and national indicators for sustainable development.

We examine the role, visibility and presence of rural areas in the national sustainable development policies and analyze the targets for sustainable development in the strategies of regions, communities and villages.

In this project, E2’s specific responsibility is to view sustainable development from rural women’s perspective. We focus on special issues that relate to women’s well-being in rural areas and analyze and cross-check the gender sensitivity of rural development and sustainable development policies.

E2 is also responsible for the communication and societal interaction as well as the overall management of the project.