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A multidisciplinary approach helps to understand what is happening in our society and what issues decision-makers need to wake up to. 

In addition to reliable information, the ability to communicate interestingly and constructively is needed. Alongside research, we provide high-quality information for demanding audiences, such as international conferences, current affairs programmes on TV, ministries, and strategy work of organisations. We understand the realities of decision-makers and working life.

Our work is focused on two research programmes: 1) Phenomena, People, and Society and 2) Food and the Environment.

Research services

We carry out research projects from budding ideas to final products. For us, the research process is a journey where dialogue with stakeholders and the rest of society is crucially important. We communicate the results professionally and continue the discussion even after the end of the project.

We offer multidisciplinary perspectives and understanding of the phenomena of our time. We utilize both qualitative and quantitative methods in multiple ways.

We participate in the planning and implementation of consortium projects. We also conduct research for customers' needs. For us, big and small projects are equally important.

We take care of:

  • Brainstorming
  • Project planning
  • Partner and financial negotiations
  • Implementation of the study
  • Stakeholder work
  • Production of publications
  • Communication
  • Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of information
  • Other phases of the project

Expert services

Our skilled experts are at your disposal when you need analyzes based on researched information, presentations, articles or an interviewee for your story. Our core skills also include reporting and creating abstracts as well as background briefing papers. In addition, we provide background information for the media.

We share our expertise in formal working groups and informal discussion groups. We comment on the texts of others and support the success of our partners. We want the information to be of use and help us understand the complex phenomena of our time.

We take care of:


  • Lectures
  • Briefings
  • Expert opinions
  • Interviews