Our Story


The progressive research association (Edistysmielisen tutkimuksen yhdistys ry) was founded in spring 2006 with a progressive value base. Initially operating as a think tank, it evolved into a multidisciplinary research organization named E2 Research. E2 Research has been providing reliable information about the Finnish society for over five years.

As an independent research organization, E2 Research conducts both research projects for the common good and commissioned studies. With a turnover exceeding one million euros in 2021 and a staff of around 20 researchers and experts, the organization has grown from a small brainstorming group into a professional research organization.

The name "E2" reflects qualities such as progressiveness, forward-thinking, open-mindedness, European identity, and ecological awareness. Notable figures, including Matti Kalliokoski, Ilkka Herlin, Tuija Talvitie, and Risto Murto, have been involved in guiding the organization.

E2 Research emphasizes qualities like internationality, multilingualism, and a commitment to providing context for decision-making, public discourse, and problem-solving. The organization serves society beyond sector and party lines.

E2 Research's strength lies in its experienced, diverse staff representing various research fields. Led by experienced researchers, the team covers disciplines such as political science, communication studies, political and science history, sociology, social anthropology, cultural anthropology, as well as environmental, agricultural and forestry sciences.

The organization combines research methods from different fields to meet the needs of partners and clients. Many researchers have academic backgrounds and are drawn to E2 Research for the opportunity to engage in dynamic, multidisciplinary work that serves decision-making.

Collaboration with clients and active societal engagement are rewarding aspects of the work, emphasizing the importance of producing impactful and actionable knowledge. Internationality is a central aspect of E2 Research's work, with staff members possessing extensive international experience and networks from working in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.