What we offer


What we offer

Our team consists of experienced research professionals with diverse academic backgrounds and expertise. It is important for us to ensure that our work is highly valuable to our clients and that we are able to empower them to make informed choices. Through our work, we provide actionable insights to decision-makers on various levels of society. Whether it is a policy maker working in the public sector, a representative from an NGO or a business leader in the private sector, we are ready to inspire, inform and engage. We work with a wide variety of clients such as businesses, foundations, municipalities, ministries, policy makers and the media.

We specialize in the following key areas

  • Research: We conduct multidisciplinary, independent studies that shed light on topics that are useful to our partners and clients. We also prepare policy recommendations and action plans. What sets us apart is our dynamic approach enabling us to deliver up-to-date information promptly.
  • Surveys: We gather data through surveys to gain a comprehensive understanding of various subjects related to the themes we work on.
  • Presentations and events: We deliver informative and engaging presentations, host events and give talks about our research findings and other timely topics and themes.
  • Project evaluations: We conduct comprehensive evaluations of projects or operations of businesses or foundations to assess their effectiveness and impact.
  • Expert opinions and analyses: We provide expert opinions, analyses and give interviews to offer valuable perspectives on a wide range of topics. Recognized as a sought-after partner and commentator in the media, our contributions extend to well-known platforms such as the national public broadcasting company YLE and one of the largest commercial television channels, MTV.
What we offer Research and Expert Services

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Our research services

E2 Research specializes in transforming budding ideas into tangible final outcomes and believe that the research process is a collaborative journey, where engaging with stakeholders and society at large is crucial. We ensure effective communication of our findings and strive to maintain an ongoing dialogue even after project completion.

Our approach is broad and inclusive, drawing from various fields to grasp the complexities of today’s world. To achieve comprehensive insights, we use a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methods.

We actively contribute to the development and execution of consortium projects, while also conducting research on behalf of our clients. Whether the project is small or large in scale, we treat each one with equal importance and value.

Our expert services

We understand the value of accessible information. Our team of skilled specialists is ready to assist you with comprehensive analyses, presentations, written content, and interviews based on researched data. 

We excel in crafting visually appealing reports, summaries, and background memos, while also offering valuable insights for media-related endeavors.

E2 Research actively contributes our expertise in both formal working groups and informal discussion forums. We provide constructive feedback on the work of others and support the success of our partners.

Our aim is to spread information and deepen our understanding of the complex phenomena of our time.

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