What we do


Discover clear and comprehensive insights about the Finnish society with E2 Research

At E2 Research, we're dedicated to providing valuable insights that help understand the Finnish society and its people in today’s ever-changing and complex world.

With an international mindset, we foster research cooperation, support the integration of international academics and talents in Finland, and analyse the changing mindsets and policies in the country.

Whether you're navigating the shifting landscape or seeking to understand the mindsets of diverse local and international communities, we are your trusted experts on Finland.

We believe that collaborative brainstorming and enthusiasm for knowledge will help find solutions for the multidimensional problems of our time. Our connections with journalists and decision-makers help us do our job better, making us the go-to source for understanding the diverse aspects of Finland.

What is unique about E2 Research?

What sets us at E2 Research apart is our multidisciplinary approach. We tackle issues from various angles to provide comprehensive insights into the complex fabric of Finnish society. Our goal is to produce information that not only aids in problem-solving but empowers decision-makers across different fields. We work with a diverse range of partners including ministries, foundations, companies, municipalities and media.

E2 Research is founded on the idea of common-good. This is reflected in the accessibility of our research, which is publicly available without cost. Alongside our non-profit work, we also operate a limited liability company that takes on custom projects and research requests from businesses and organizations. With expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods, we leverage the strengths of each approach to deliver a well-rounded understanding of complex phenomena.

While we value collaborative discussions on themes and research questions, we uphold the autonomy of our research. Our approach involves partnering with clients to shape the direction, but it is our researchers who implement projects on the ground.

The principles of sustainable development form the core values of our work. We want to utilize knowledge to help secure good living opportunities for present and future generations. We understand that the environment, people, and the economy are intertwined.

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