Aino Heikkilä

Aino Heikkilä

Development Manager, Master of Social Sciences

Resilience of working life and work communities, social and cultural diversity, ethnography, and method sharing, policy development

+358 44 3028 727 aino.heikkila@e2.fi
  • Planning, coordination, and implementation of research projects and expert services
  • Funding applications and tenders
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder relations and communication

Aino Heikkilä is the development manager at E2 Research. Her responsibilities include the development of internal processes, operating models, services, and products. Heikkilä is involved in the design and implementation of research projects and expert services and supports project management.

Heikkilä holds a Master of Social Sciences from the University of Tampere, specialising in social anthropology. As an anthropologist, she looks at phenomena as comprehensively as possible and is particularly interested in working life and the ability of work communities to face and adapt to sudden change.

Heikkilä is a natural problem solver and often sees opportunities rather than problems. She is excited to reflect solutions to major issues facing organisations and society, such as the skills shortage and how to better identify the skills of different age groups and backgrounds.

Language proficiency: Finnish, English




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