Karina Jutila

Karina Jutila

CEO, Doctor of Social Sciences

Finland's current situation, sustainability of society, democracy

+358 50 5515 361 karina.jutila@e2.fi
  • Expert work for influencer audiences and the media (presentations, interviews, analyses, background discussions)
  • Partnership building
  • E2 Research fundraising

Karina Jutila has almost thirty years of experience in challenging specialist positions and research. She has a wide range of experience in working with policy makers and the media.

Jutila's analysis of current phenomena and events is clear, versatile, and constructive. In times of crisis, she can quickly identify the essentials and warn decision-makers of societal risks.

Language proficiency: Finnish, Swedish, English

How will I use the rest of my career? This is what I asked myself five years ago. I didn’t want the days to go by without much significance, work just as work isn’t enough for me. That’s why I set out to develop E2 Research. Together, we are able to produce information that leaves its mark on the development of society. I want to live and work sustainably and authentically so that there is room for thought, joy and curiosity. 





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