Mari K. Niemi

Mari K. Niemi

Director (new research openings, research communication and stakeholder relations, internationalisation), Docent, Doctor of Social Sciences

Finland's internationalisation, skills and skills shortages, research communication, and stakeholder cooperation

+44 773 7161 944 mari.k.niemi@e2.fi
  • Development of research projects serving society and policymaking, acquiring research funding
  • Internationalisation of Finland and working life, skills, and skills shortages
  • Science and research communication, research impact

Mari K. Niemi is responsible for the internationalisation of E2 Research and the development of new research projects serving society and policymaking. Her work also includes fundraising, science communication, societal interaction, and stakeholder cooperation. 

Mari K. Niemi has about two decades of experience in academic research both in Finland and abroad as a visiting researcher. She has led several research projects on politics, media, science communication, and internationalisation. 

Before joining E2 Research, Mari K. Niemi worked for three years as the first director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab at the University of Vaasa and was also a member of the university's management team. 

In 2015, The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) awarded Mari K. Niemi as Academic of the Year for her merits as an active science communicator and social debater.

I am passionate about partner collaboration, developing innovative projects and problem-solving. Partnerships and interaction with clients are at the heart of my work. A socially and environmentally sustainable society is built on cooperation.

Language proficiency: Finnish, English

X (Twitter): @MariKNiemi
LinkedIn: Mari K. Niemi

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