Atte Penttilä

Atte Penttilä

Researcher, PhD (Social Sciences), Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry (Agroecology)

Qualitative research, ethnography, food systems, crises, resilience, impact assessment

+358401675969 atte.penttila@e2.fi
  • International expert in multidisciplinary food systems and resilience research
  • Design and implementation of research projects
  • Experienced interviewer and speaker

Atte Penttilä has extensive experience in food systems research.

Penttilä has studied, for example, the impact of banana cultivation on local communities in Belize, measures of food aid actors taken in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Florida, and situations of Ukrainian seasonal workers and their employees during the recent crises. His doctoral research in applied cultural anthropology, conducted at the University of South Florida, focused on the responses of the global development cooperation sector to the pandemic, particularly its impact on farmers' organisations.

At E2 Research Penttilä’s work has focused on issues such as the resilience of agricultural actors to crises, vulnerabilities in the food system, and the situations of Ukrainian refugees and seasonal workers in Finland. Before entering the world of research, Penttilä worked in development cooperation in Ethiopia and Finland.

Language proficiency: Finnish, English

X: @AtteJohannes

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