Anni Savikurki

Anni Savikurki

Senior Expert, Master of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (on a leave of absence until 14.9.2024)

Sustainable food systems and food security, sustainable development, science communication and interaction

+358 40 8344 829 anni.savikurki@e2.fi
  • Societal interaction, research and expert work
  • Research communication and popularization of science

Achieving a sustainable food system requires information and constructive discussion to support it.

Anni Savikurki is an expert in E2 Research.

Anni is an agroecologist with extensive experience working on food production issues both in Finland and in developing countries. She has worked in rural administration and the management of development cooperation projects in the private sector. In 2015-2017, Anni worked on a rural development cooperation project in Ethiopia to strengthen the livelihoods of small farmers.

At E2, Anni works on research projects related to sustainable food systems and food security. The majority of her working hours are spent on the Just Food project and societal interaction. At the heart of the project is a fair sustainability shift in the food system.


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