Marjatta Selänniemi

Marjatta Selänniemi

Senior Expert, Team leader, Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry

Development policies especially in agriculture sectors and food security, climate resilience, food systems, strategic evaluations, PMEL

+358 50 3651 481 marjatta.selanniemi@e2.fi
  • Expert work both in Finland and abroad (evaluations, reports, opinions, lectures, analyses, background discussions)
  • Impact assessment, process development
  • Interaction and popularisation of information
  • Training in project management (result-based approach, theories of change, logical framework)

Marjatta Selänniemi has almost three decades of experience in challenging national and international expert assignments.

Prior to joining E2 Research, Selänniemi has worked for an international consulting company, for the UN, for the International Centre for Research in Agroforestry, and for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Selänniemi is an articulate presenter, writer, trainer, and facilitator of various events. Solution oriented Selänniemi is quick to discern the essential and always works constructively.

Selänniemi is responsible for the interaction of the Just food research project funded by the Strategic Research Council (SRC) of the Academy of Finland. Just food explores how to make the transition to a climate-smart and healthy food system in a sustainable, acceptable, and just way.

Language proficiency: English, Finnish, Swedish


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