Matti Välimäki

Matti Välimäki

Senior Researcher, Doctor of Social Sciences

Migration, immigration policy, science communication, political parties, political communication

+35850 5430 191 matti.valimaki@e2.fi
  • Research on highly-skilled migrants
  • Expert tasks related to migration and immigration policy
  • Science communication and social media communication
  • Planning of research projects, funding applications
  • Expert services (presentations, articles, interviews)

Matti Välimäki is a researcher at E2 Research. He is a Doctor of Social Sciences and a researcher in politics and history, specializing in migration, immigration policy, argumentation and thinking, and political parties. Prior to joining E2 Research, Välimäki has worked as a researcher and teacher at the Migration Institute of Finland and the Department of Philosophy, Political History and Political Science of the University of Turku. He has participated in several international multidisciplinary research projects examining the development of immigration research, attitudes, policies and legislation in Finland and Europe.

In his previous positions, Välimäki has collaborated with municipalities and state authorities, as well as intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, companies and people with a foreign background. In addition to researching party, ministry, legislative and media materials, he has experience in conducting surveys and interviews, as well as drafting development reports and policy recommendations. Välimäki has a passion for science communication and has trained researchers and experts in research-based communication.

People of each era imagine living in an exceptional time. Regardless of whether this is true, today’s phenomena need to be explained, compared to the past developments, and future scenarios imagined. Collaborative projects are a great way to respond to information needs, learn from others, and gain groundbreaking insights.

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