Small and Midsize Enterprises and Foreign Workforce in Finland (PIKEUS)

Duration: 2024

Lead organisation: E2 Research

Team: Mari K. Niemi (project lead), Venni Arra, Aino Heikkilä, Matti Välimäki, Ville Pitkänen, Vilma Niskanen

Consortium partners & funders: Business Finland's Work in Finland, The city of Espoo, The city of Helsinki, The city of Kuopio, The city of Lahti, The city of Tampere, KIRA: the real estate and construction sector consortium

The SMEs and Foreign Workforce project (PIKEUS) serves the needs of both the private and public sectors. Businesses receive practical solutions for internationalisation from their own region and insights from across Finland. Cities and the national Talent Boost network will benefit from research-based advice on service development and resource allocation. While supporting the businesses’ international recruitment, the project’s goal is also to help immigrants already living in Finland find employment.

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