Values and Identities Among the Finnish Majority Population and the Largest Ethno-Linguistic Minorities

Duration: January 2019 to March 2020

Authors: E2 Research: Ville Pitkänen, Jussi Westinen,
City of Helsinki: Pasi Saukkonen

Partners: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Justice and the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa

The study examines the identities, values and attitudes of Finns. The results are based on a survey of 6 938 respondents. The results will be reported in four parts during 2018. The first publication will describe the factors that make up Finns' identities, the second part will look at differences and similarities in societal attitudes, the third part will examine the Swedish-speaking population and the fourth part will examine which things are sacred to Finns.

The study was designed and carried out with the support of a monitoring group chaired by Professor Anne Birgitta Pessi of the Finnish Cultural Foundation. The members of the group were Director Leif Jakobsson from Svenska kulturfonden, Director Paula Laine from Sitra, Chief Agent Antti Arjava from the Cultural Endowment and e2 representatives Professor Ilkka Ruostetsaari and Director Karina Jutila. Dr Pilvi Torsti was also involved in the design before becoming a Member of Parliament.

Researchers Ville Pitkänen and Jussi Westinen were responsible for the practical implementation, analysis and report writing of the study. Professor Anne Birgitta Pessi and University Lecturer Henrietta Grönlund also contributed to the writing of the fourth research report.

Project publications (in English and in Finnish)

Name Type Size
How different are we? pdf 1.06 Mb
Sittenkin samanlaisia? Tutkimus suomalaisten identiteeteistä -esitys pdf 1.03 Mb
Samat huolet, eri näkökulmat: Tutkimus suomalaisten asenteista ja identiteeteistä pdf 1.23 Mb
Identiteettejä kahdella kielellä: Tutkimus ruotsin- ja suomenkielisistä pdf 1.08 Mb
Pyhyyden ytimessä: Tutkimus suomalaisten arvoista ja pyhyyden kokemisesta pdf 1.29 Mb