Building Finland's Future - inclusion and cooperation in working life (Tulevaisuuden Suomen tekijät)

Duration: 2022–2024
Authors: Ville Pitkänen, Aino Heikkilä, Rolle Alho, Roosa Veijola, and Vilma Niskanen.

Funding: Trade Union Pro, The Finnish Association of Private Care Providers HALI, Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors JHL, Ministry of Justice, Service Union United PAM, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT, STTK, The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions SAK, Industrial Employees TP, and The Finnish Pension Alliance TELA.

Launched in autumn 2022, the multi-year research project Building Finland's Future - inclusion and cooperation in working life, seeks solutions to acute problems in working life, such as polarisation and the shortage of employees.

The project consists of several sections, and it explores what life is like for foreign workers in Finland, where polarisation can be expected because of changes in working life, and where good models can be found for dealing with change and solving problems. It also asks how intergenerational cooperation can improve coping and prevent labour shortages. The research is divided into three sections:

Part 1: At a construction site, in a factory, in a hospital, and at a shop – what is life like for a foreign worker in Finland?

Part 2: Joint contribution of generations – wasted or used?

Part 3: The fates of professions – how do people accept change?

The research project is taking a multidisciplinary approach. Data is being collected through interviews, surveys, workshops, and observations made at workplaces. Manual workers are the subject of the research.

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The publication event of the research's first part was held on 16 May 2023 at 10:00–11:30 at Lasipalatsi in Helsinki. You can watch the live stream in Finnish by clicking this link (in Finnish): Julkistustilaisuus: Millaista on taustaltaan ulkomaalaisen työntekijän elämä Suomessa? 

Project publications (in Finnish)

Name Type Size
Tutkimusraportti: Maahanmuuttajien kokemuksia työskentelystä ja asumisesta Suomessa pdf 1.14 Mb
Visualisoitu raportti keskeisimmistä tuloksista: Maahanmuuttajien kokemuksia työskentelystä ja asumisesta Suomessa pdf 8.35 Mb

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