Crisis Resilience of Employers in The Agricultural and Horticultural Sector and the Adaptation of Ukrainian Seasonal Workers to Finland

Duration: 2022–2023
Authors: Atte Penttilä and Marjatta Selänniemi

Funding: MTK's Foundation
Partner: Töitä Suomesta työvoimapalvelut Oy

Launched in autumn 2022, the project will generate knowledge on how farm entrepreneurs employing seasonal workers can strengthen their crisis resilience, preparedness, and flexibility when going through change.

The project will provide seasonal farm entrepreneurs with solutions to prepare for exceptional circumstances in the future and thus ensure business continuity in Finland. The project explores the special arrangements for seasonal labour caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty brought by the war in Ukraine in early 2022 regarding the arrival of seasonal workers. Simultaneously it will provide information on the views of Ukrainian workers and their families regarding working in Finnish agriculture and on the policies and practices that have helped them to adapt to the new situation.

The project will take the form of a semi-structured interview study, involving interviews with Finnish farm entrepreneurs who employ Ukrainians, as well as Ukrainians living or working on Finnish farms and their family members.

Project publications (in Finnish)

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Kriisien keskellä: Miten ukrainalaiset kausityöntekijät ja suomalaisten tilojen työnantajat ovat selviytyneet kahdesta perättäisestä kriisistä pdf 0.44 Mb

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