E2 Research, Heureka Science Centre, and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences to collaborate: New science event highlights the expertise of foreign researchers


Although more foreign researchers are working in Finland than ever before, they are still marginalised in public debate. Science Night LIVE! at Heureka is a new science communication event that will turn the spotlight on them.

The event is targeted at everyone, from researchers and experts to the media and general public. It will be held on Wednesday, 29 March 2023 from 6–10 pm at the Heureka Science Centre in Vantaa, and its theme will be Science Solving Problems. Science Night LIVE! is a multidisciplinary event, which will be held in English. 

The event is funded by Tieteen tiedotus ry. The main responsibility for the event arrangements lies with E2 Research, a multidisciplinary independent research institute. Organising partners are Science Centre Heureka and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. All three organisations are united by a desire to strengthen the position of foreign researchers in Finland and increase the utilisation of research data. 

An enjoyable and insightful evening 

During Science Night LIVE! at Heureka, the general public will get the chance to meet researchers from different fields in a new and inspiring setting. It will include brief encounters between researchers and audiences, personal stories told by researchers in a theatre-like setting, a pitching competition, and opportunities to present research in the laboratory or planetarium.  

Our survey for foreign researchers shed light on many problems in Finland. If a researcher doesn’t speak fluent Finnish, there are very few opportunities for societal engagement and sharing information. If research, that is carried out and funded in Finland, is not used by society, everyone will lose out – the general public, researchers, and the knowledge-based development of society as a whole,” says Mari K. Niemi, Director at E2 Research. 

Revamping science communication and providing the training desired by researchers 

The organisers will be inviting universities and research teams to get involved in Science Night LIVE! at Heureka. An important role will be played by the dean panel, which will consist of representatives from institutions of higher education. Adam Smale from the University of Vaasa, Hanna Wass from the University of Helsinki, and Jaakko Suominen from the University of Turku have already accepted the invitation.  

A diverse English-language event like Science Night LIVE! is an important and inspiring new opening for us at Heureka. It serves not only international researchers, but also others who have moved to Finland. At Heureka, science is exciting and easily approachable – for everyone,” says Heureka’s CEO, Mikko Myllykoski

Foreign researchers working in Finland have requested training in science communication, meeting journalists, networking, and telling others about their work. Science Night LIVE! will provide tailor-made coaching to researchers who are giving presentations at the event,” says Anne Leppäjärvi, Journalism Degree Director at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. 

In addition to its bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in journalism, Haaga-Helia also offers a training package specifically targeted at journalists with a foreign background. Journalism students from all of these programmes will be involved in Science Night LIVE!

The search for presenters will begin before Christmas, and communications aimed at the general public will be launched in early February. E2 Research will hire an expert to coordinate these tasks.  


More information about the event: 

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Director, E2 Research
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